Digital Illustration:

All illustrations come with solid, transparent, or gradient backgrounds depending on illustration.
Detailed backgrounds and scenery will be quoted on a case by case basis and invoiced separately.

Full Color Chibi: $25
Twitch Emotes: $25 ea
Lineart Bust: $40
Flat color Bust: $60
Cel shaded Bust: $75
Soft Shaded Bust: $85
Lineart Character: $80
Flat Color Character: $100
Cel Shaded Character: $120
Soft Shaded Character: $140

Character Reference Sheet: $240
–Cel Shaded Reference sheet. Front, Back, Tail if applicable, and up to 3 detail shots. Anthro and Humanoid welcome!

Digital Illustrations with Reproduction Rights

Economically Priced Illustrations for the Streaming Community. 300dpi Print-Friendly .jpg or .png
Includes White and Black text Variants for pieces with Text.
Other color variations available at an additional $10 ea (EX: Normal and Shiny Pokemon)
$10 Variations will be invoiced separately.

Simple Streamer/YT Merch Design: $40
Complex Streamer/YT Merch Design: $80

Graphic Design:

Other graphic design options available, bid on a case by case basis; please use the contact form to inquire.

Opaque Star Portrait: $25 (No reproduction rights)
Transparent Star Portrait: $40 (Includes reproduction rights)
Hand-drawn logo (PNG): $100
Vector Logo (Delivered in PNG and SVG): $250

Traditional Acrylic on Canvas Paintings:

Framing and special effect paint available at an additional fee.
Shipping not included.
Framing, shipping, effect paint, and exclusive/reproduction rights will be invoiced separately.

5×7: $150
8×10: $300
10-14″ Square: $550
11×14: $600
16×20: $1150

Exclusive/Reproduction Rights: $5000 USD per painting
–ONLY on custom pieces. If you do not buy these rights, I maintain the right to produce products featuring the final piece at my discretion and you will not have reproduction or marketing rights. (You get the original piece but no other rights without this.)

You cannot buy the rights to pieces I have painted for others or pieces I have painted on my own time.